One day, one of those not very memorable days, I was designing an app. There came a point in the project when I could not continue due to lack of certain information from the client. While that information was arriving, I had in front of me a couple of small icons of Google material that I was testing to incorporate in a side menu. It was then when I started to move, join, rotate and duplicate the icons without any sense, and it just so happened that introducing some random icons inside a calendar, resulted in the appearance of a robot's face.

I established three rules to design these robots, in order to achieve visual unification:

  • Use a maximum of three icons per robot.
  • The same icon can be repeated up to two times.
  • By default, the size of the icons are 24px, but 16px and even 8px sizes can be used, should the robot need it.


NFT collection in Polygon Network | MATIC

Product format:

100px x 100px in SVG Format.